Comprehensive Medical Services for Residential Recovery Centers

Our Physicians partner with Residential Recovery Centers in providing the highest levels of medical services and expertise for their patients.

Set up medical policies and procedures

Train the staff in medical procedures

Medical Director Administrative services

On site, In office and Tele-health

psychiatric and medical services

Psychiatric evaluations

identification of co-morbidity factors

Peer reviews

Temporary medical supervision

 and medical services during transition

Services may be offered at your facility, our clinic and through


Our providers are highly trained in their prospective specialty and include:


Physician’s Assistants (PA)

Advanced Practical Registered Nurses (APRN)

Other services offered which are available to a contracted RTC on an as needed basis:

Medical Detoxification at your facility

Medication Assisted Treatment services

during and following RTC

History and Physicals

Psychiatric evaluations

Follow up medical visits

For more information and to schedule a consultation please call our administration at


Medical Services for Tribes

Our organization offers psychiatric and medication Assisted treatment via tele-health to rural healthcare facilities and tribes in our region.

Medical Services for Hospitals

Altium Health offers psychiatric and detox services to rural hospital Emergency Departments.

Medical Services for Facilities

Medical, Psychiatric, and Addiction Medicine Services for Residential Treatment Centers.